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TOMMY & THE TERRORS Problem. Reaction. Solution. ep + bonus CD (REDUCED PRICE!)

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This is the Problem. Reaction. Solution ep, originally released as a 7"-only press on Rock n Roll Disgrace Records + 28 older, out-of-print and hard-to-find tracks from comps, 7"s, demos, etc. going back to 2000. Released in Europe only on 4Subculture Records. Shipping and handling calculated at checkout but contact the store for combination orders.

"Problem, reaction, solution" EP: I don´t wanna - Problem. reaction. solution - NWO / FU - No mas
Split CD with Darkbuster: Washed up - We´re alright - 1000 ships - .44
"Mass hysteria" CD: Revenge - Burn - Turn the screw - Static - Short eyes - I don´t wanna - Last man standing
"Outbound" EP and outtakes: On the avenue - So ends our night - Outbound - What about me - Kids are back - Evil ways
"Boston scene report" compilation CD: Bitter pill - Out tonight
"On the run" EP: On the run - On the avenue - Outbound
"Unleash the fury" demo: I´m coming home - Breakdown, breakdown - Pay you tuesday - Death to you
"Unleash the fury" outtake: Hartford pigeon.